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  Necklace Sizing for reference  

Necklace Size Chart

  Bracelet Sizing DIY  

Step 1: 

Wrap a string around your wrist.

Step 2: 

Determine the length using a ruler.

Bracelet Size Chart
measuring a bracelet

  Find Your Ring Size  

Method 1:

- Cut a thin strip of paper pr thread

- Wrap the paper or thread around your finger.

- Mark the spot where paper or thread meets.

- Measure the length of your thread with a ruler.

- With this circumference, use the following chart to determine your size. 

Ring Size Chart
measuring a ring

Method 2:

- Take a finger ring and place it on a ruler.

- Measure the inner diameter.

- Use the following chart to determine your size. 

size chart of a ring
Screenshot 2022-02-21 232142.png

Earring Size Reference 

earring size chart

Fit and appearance will vary based on an individual, Image is not to scale. 

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