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Learn about your Jewelry Materials before purchasing!

Updated: Jan 10, 2023

Delicately handcrafted in India, Jewels by Nimisha gives you a choice of different metals- 18K Gold Vermeil, Rose Gold Vermeil, and Sterling Silver. Each piece of Jewels by Nimisha has an additional anti-tarnish coating which adds to the life of your jewelry. All the gemstones used are natural which can be easily used for healing purposes.

Read on to learn the details of each material we use in our jewelry-


An affordable Luxury

Vermeil is the hottest luxury trend happening right now! It is an affordable alternative to solid gold as it strikes the perfect balance between quality and value. Gold vermeil is basically gold plating on sterling silver. It is much more precious than regular gold-plated jewelry because of the fine base metal. It is 5x thicker than "regular gold-plated" jewellery and 100x thicker than regular “flash-plated” jewellery. Therefore, your vermeil pieces will last for years to come.

You might know, the higher the purity of gold, the softer it is, allowing it to be scratched and damaged more easily. Therefore, Jewels by Nimsha carefully uses an ideal 18k gold layer on sterling silver. It is also an excellent pick if you have allergies to metals because sterling silver and gold are pure and hypoallergenic metals.


Make a luxe fashion statement

Rose Gold is another one in vogue, becoming a cool alternative metal for engagement rings and fashion-forward jewelry designs. Now that you are familiar with vermeil, it would be easier to comprehend rose gold vermeil. It is rose gold plating on sterling silver. It is important to understand how rose gold is formed- by delicately mixing pure gold with copper to give it that pinkish hue. Rose gold works well with most skin tones and is a chic alternative to more traditional yellow gold. Rose gold pairs well with sterling silver and can be worn casually or in more formal settings. In other words, it's extremely versatile and looks great on everyone!


The perfect combination of beauty, shine, and durability

Silver items have long been known as symbols of wealth and prosperity. Sterling silver jewelry is a high-quality choice consisting of 92.5% silver content - which makes it popular amongst jewelry collectors and designers alike. Sterling silver jewelry is durable, timeless metal, and when cared for properly, can last a lifetime. This type of jewelry is actually best worn every day as frequent use will prevent the buildup of tarnish and dust on the metal. So feel free to add sterling silver to your jewelry collection with the confidence that it is durable and when properly cared for, will look great today, tomorrow, and 10 years from now! It does not have any additives, like nickel or lead, making it safe for people with metal allergies.


Our semi-precious gemstones are 100% natural

We pride ourselves on the quality and beauty of our semi-precious gemstones, all produced in the largest stone cutting and polishing centre of the world, Jaipur! Each stone is expertly cut from rocks (known as “roughs”) which are sourced from all over the world!

Because all of our semi-precious gemstones are natural, each one is one-of-a-kind. Our stones may have color and pattern variances, but we think this contributes to their inherent beauty. To provide maximum "wow" value, each stone is meticulously chosen and considered for each design.

Although each of the materials is very consciously picked to ensure its suitability for everyday use, we recommend that you read our Jewellery care guide to ensure that the shine on your favorite jewelry items lasts long!

If you have any further queries about jewelry materials, write to us


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