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Most Beautiful Jewelry Trends Post Covid

Updated: Nov 23, 2021

From Zoom meetings to working from home. Jewelry and fashion professionals had to adapt swiftly to a very unique and new way of how we live. Does that change the jewelry trends at all for 2021? Let’s dive into the beautiful world of jewelry and unveil the biggest and most beautiful jewelry trends.

Jewelry trends in the Zoom era

I don’t know about you, but Zoom meetings are exhausting! Over the years, people have always envied me for working from home. How about you? I remember that after years of working anywhere but home, I felt a relief to not dress up anymore. What was the point anyway? I was the mother of a young child. Covered in peanut butter and whatnot anyway. Between you and me, there were times in winter where I put pants over my pajamas and dropped my son at school like that. A two-minute walk, dark outside, who cares!

Obviously, I went back to dressing myself and putting make-up on again. Not because of a Zoom meeting, where I could have turned up with a well-dressed torso, wearing sweatpants. But because ultimately, our clothes do have an impact on how we feel and carry ourselves through the day, or through an occasion. It’s setting our mood. It’s kind of empowering us too.

Communication, that’s what fashion and jewelry also are.

This is why it is important to care. Not in just a superficial way, I think we will turn away surely from feeling obligated to show we belong by wearing what we think we should wear in order to belong. We will inevitably grow towards embracing what suits us. This is a natural thing for people anyway, as they grow older and know better what suits them and to avoid.

Jewelry trends are born, but grow slower and last longer

Trends in jewelry emerge as a response to what people experience and see. Like in fashion editorials. To be fair, however, we would like to see it differently-we in our lovely fine jewelry world, that is- most fashion brands are way better at translating cultural sentiment and the time spirit into objects than we are.

High-end jewelry trends is a different game

Everything changes though, when you go to high-end jewelry designers that have a clientele that can afford to go what others would call “over the top’’ If you have been around a bit, like yours truly, you stop seeing it as over the top and love, no, adore what their creative minds and skillful hands are able to create. Masterpieces!. They simply have the clientele that can afford to be whimsical and buy something non-traditional, uber fashionable, and entertainingly beautiful.

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