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5 Popular Crystal Healers You Should Consider Following

Below you’ll find five mystic influencers operating in the field of crystal healing, self-empowerment and wellness. Brands looking to work with a niche content creator and expert in the spiritual realm should consider this talented bunch a great option for their next campaign. No need to consult the cars or the phases of the moon - those wanting to tap into a dedicated, loyal community and harness an inspirational voice need only read on…

Instagrammer Krystal is founder of Ritual Store, offering sage flower ritual smudges, crystal infused elixirs and bath soaks, herbal incense and love smudges, which has been featured in allure. Krystal calls herself a light worker, divine feminine and intuitive empath. Her 59.15 equity score is high, ranking her 475th out of 12,723 peers within the 20K-50K follower band.

New York blogger Julie writes on personal development, self-help, relationships, spirituality, power transformation healing and inspiration for women. She is certified in reiki and has developed her own healing method called EMR (Energetic Mapping and Restoration). Her audience perceive her as a Visionary – a dreamer and thinker who inspires creativity.

Educator, wellness and spiritual writer Lalah is the founder of Vibrate Higher Daily, where she shares content related to spiritual, intuitive and organic form of living. She shares inspirational quotes and her lifestyle photographs on social media. Her engagement is highest (4.88%) on her organic Instagram content.

Devon is a radio personality who goes by the name Devi Dev. She is also the founder of Karma Bliss, a wellness and crystal brand. The bestselling author of ‘Crystal Bliss’ and host of The Dropping Gems podcast, Devon is considered inspirational, kind, honest and generous by her followers. She counts Myleik Teele in her influencer network.

Emilia Ortiz aka Spiritual Mami is a spiritual advisor and mental health and cannabis advocate. Based in New York, Emilia has a reach of 241K and strong 5.33% engagement on organic content and 4.92% on sponsored posts. A Bruja and healer, Emilia writes about wellness for Dazed Beauty, has starred in Playboy and is followed by Girl Gaze, Ella Eyre and Adwoa Aboah.

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